Thursday, December 01, 2005

Budget redux

It didn't come as too much of a surprise - at least not to me - that the Stowe Select Board decided in the end to follow their attorney's advice and nullify the decision at last month's special town meeting. Check it out.

So, looks like it's back to the traditional town meeting format this March, perhaps just one last time. Will we see the same turnout, or better, for the revote on deciding the town budget in the ballot booth? Probably. March Town Meetings have typically drawn close to 400 people, while the special meeting Nov. 7 fell about 100 short of that.

What will be most interesting to see is whether the same majority of voters who wanted to split the budget into four different categories will also go for a whole budget, by ballot. Perhaps even more interesting will be if someone - anyone - attempts to introduce ANOTHER amendment to the warned article. Nov. 7 voters will recall that at least one person tried to get the budget voted on department-by-department. I'd hate to see what the ballot would look like then...

- Scott Monroe


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