Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Poll: 78% fewer vote in poll

Seems we had some ebb and flow recently. Last week's online poll at Stowe Reporter Online drew a record setting 232 votes, whereas this week saw a 78 percent decline, to 50 votes.

Last week: Would you like to see mobile home parks in Stowe?

This week: Does Stowe need a town manager with more authority over local government affairs?

Fluke or telling of the kinds of questions people like to be polled on? You decide. I say, hot button topics will always draw the most interest and the biggest crowds; the more nuanced issues will not. That's probably why we're more likely in town to draw a bigger crowd for Brittney Spears than municipal budget review. Makes sense, right?

That is to say, the notion of having a mobile home park in town elicits a quick reaction from most people. Town government baseball, on the other hand, is a yawn for many.

Maybe this week we'll see something of a middle ground, as the poll deals with paying taxes. If you haven't, check it out and vote. Polls, at any rate, are more for entertainment than anything else. And, they're hardly reliable measures of public opinion (newsflash!).

I predict there's a 44 percent chance that 4 percent of you will vote twice in our poll. There's a 3 percent margin of error, keep in mind.

- Scott Monroe


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