Thursday, February 16, 2006


Print + weblog / Stowe Reporter = Blogspeak.

Beginning next week (hopefully) we'll be introducing a new feature to the print edition of the Stowe Reporter called Blogspeak. Basically, it'll be snippets of posts from this place and - as more blogs are eventually unleashed - other Reporter weblogs, too. This past week, we took a step in that direction by reprinting reporter Marina Knight's At the Olympics blog in the "Stowe Scene" section, along with pictures and accounts of the Torino, Italy Winter Games.

I happen to think it's cool to cross-pollinate web and print material, though it's an emerging frontier with some gray areas. A Delaware reporter, for example, was recently fired over postings at his personal weblog. For journalists the weblog is an interesting beast: it's not exactly the same thing as a news report, or is it? Depends. When I think of journalism, I identify with the hallmark of editing and oversight. Most weblogs, I think it's fair to say, don't have that filter.

Which is also the strength of weblogs in general. This software encourages stream-of-consciousness writing and, for me at least, compels a different cadence than I'd normally use in the newspaper.

So, what are the implications of merging blog and print? Is it really worth it? Are blogs being over-hyped? Is the rush to get them into print a little silly? Or, is there perhaps something bloggers and journalists can learn from one another? Maybe some good, maybe some bad. Let's find out...

On a totally unrelated track, I've posted a few more pictures within this entry from my wandering Boston this past weekend. You might have noticed that already. I have no particular reason for doing so. That, I guess, is what you'd call blogthink.

--Scott Monroe


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