Friday, March 31, 2006

Hot enough for ya?

It's 68 and sunny. Gotta love it.

And, believe it or not, there's still several weeks of skiing left at Stowe. Seems millions of gallons of water from a snowmaking pond can go a long way.

Spring skiing notwithstanding, it definitely feels like a nice summer day out there. The signs of summer in Stowe are hard to miss: New Jersey and New York license plates have suddenly popped up everyone after a three-month hiatus; traffic gets backed up in the village big time (and thank goodness for the Mayo Farm Road); and seems like everybody's either moving or repainting/ renovating their pad.

This is also the time of year when we publish our annual Home and Real Estate section. That will come out sometime in early May and our staff has begun work on some stories. Here's a rundown of some ideas we kicked around the other day here at 49 School Street:

• What’s available for less than $300,000?

• What’s available for more than $1 million? What percentage of Vermont houses listing for $1 million and up are in Stowe?

• Home technology: Stowe firm can install controls to run your video, audio, security, pool, irrigation system, you name it.

• "10 questions" for Home people.

• Could have a series of 10 Questions for people in various parts of the Home industry. Builders, interior decorators, site-work bulldozer guys, electricians, plumbers, flooring crews, architects, what have you.

• Builders: What are they building? Cost trends? What’s the price per square foot these days? The Katrina effect on wood prices? Prefabs? Size of houses going up, or down?

• Real estate overview: How does the market look? Prices going up, holding line, or what? Time on market? Inventory for sale going up, down, or what?

• Renting in Stowe. What's the range in prices and what do you get?

• Who is moving here, and why?

If you have any suggestions for story ideas feel free to give us a buzz. Or, maybe you know the answers to some of these questions. In the meantime, get outside.


Blogger lgskis said...

Hi, here's an idea you may have already done. One of my challenges about moving back to Stowe is that the house I own does not have high-speed access. What about a map of what's available, where and what the prognosis is for Stowe going wireless?

5:01 PM  
Blogger Scott Monroe said...

Hey, thanks for the idea Igskis! Any chance you'd be willing to be interviewed for the story? If so, you can give us a buzz at 253-2101 or email us:, or stop by the office if you're in town. The idea came up at our editorial meeting this week and I believe we're going to write a story.

12:53 PM  

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