Thursday, August 10, 2006

Campaign chatter

The mid-term elections will be here before you know it. Here at 49 School Street, we've been ready for a good nine months now. That's about when candidates started stopping by our office to say hi, and to pitch their platform.

This week, we have election coverage of the Stowe House race, as well as the statewide showdown for lieutenant governor.

Here's a rundown of who's been by for visit so far, and what they've said:

• Heidi Scheuermann, Republican for Stowe House: “I’m a traditional sort of Vermont Republican — fiscally very conscious and concerned that we have systems we can afford.”

• John Tracy, Democrat for Vermont lieutenant governor: “I’m willing to lead in difficult times. I think we’re at a crossroads as a state.”

• Jim Black, Republican for Lamoille Senate: “I’m concerned about the general trend of a state Legislature that keeps spending more money, adding expensive new programs, and driving the state deeper and deeper into debt."

• Mark Shepard, Republican for Vermont U.S. House:“If we’re going to be a party that’s really relevant, we have to be aiming for things that produce opportunities for people and get back to those core principles which, in my lifetime, I would best attach to Ronald Reagan."

• Martha Rainville, Republican for Vermont U.S. House: “I believe in a strong defense; I believe in fiscal responsibility; and I really believe in the strength and responsibility of the individual."

• Peter Welch, Democrat for Vermont U.S. House: "The reason I’m running, fundamentally, is we’ve got a president who, in my view, is pushing through a radical and extreme agenda. The administration has also been incompetent and I’ve seen in an immediate and direct way the damage it’s doing to our state and country."

• Rich Tarrant, Republican for Vermont U.S. Senate: “I know how to negotiate, I know how to get along with people and I know how to sell, and that’s very important when you want to get a particular point across or a bill passed that brings advantages back to Vermont."

Stay tuned for more candidates as the air get chillier and the leaves start changing colors...